Las Vegas Gambling

There’s no reason a visitor or local needs to give up a Friday night of gambling, drinks and great food just because they don’t want to tackle the strip. Las Vegas is a 24-hour town and Giuseppe’s fits right in. Open 24 hours with a sports bar, fine dining menu and casino style gambling, we have everything the strip has to offer without the traffic, headaches and safety issues. If Friday night’s not your thing – we are open 7 days a week to serve all your gaming needs.

Visitors Find a Place to Call Home!

We understand the strip is alluring, but we also understand sometimes you just want a comfortable place to curl up and watch the latest game or play a little video poker without large, loud crowds and service that lacks personality. The Vegas strip plays nanny to millions of patrons every year, you can’t stand out in that atmosphere. At Giuseppe’s Bar & Grill, we treat every customer like family with fine food, fine drink and fine gambling in Las Vegas.

We Can Cater the Needs of Every Guest

Have a large party or group that just can’t decide what they want to do while in Vegas? Why not stop byGiuseppe’s Bar & Grill – we cater to every Vegas need. Our open floor plan allows us to serve large groups of people, but it’s that little bit extra that makes this spot THE spot in Las Vegas. Our bar is enclosed so smokers can light up without bothering restaurant patrons. Gamblers can step over to video slots, also available 24 hours a day, and take a chance on winning the next huge Vegas jackpot and diners can choose from a huge select of authentic Italian food including Crusted Chicken Mozzarella, Pork Francaise and Cavatelli de Casa. Not feeling like pasta? We also offer classic American burgers, fries and homemade desserts.

Giuseppe’s Bar & Grill is a casino restaurant in Las Vegas that is more than just another strip stop along the way. We are a family who loves treating every customer like they are the only customer in the room. Singles, couples, families and large groups are all welcome to come in and experience how Vegas gambling should be.

But, be warned, at Giuseppe’s Bar & Grill – fantastic service, food, drinks and fun are addictive. Have questions or want to reserve a spot at Giuseppe’s Bar & Grill – contact us at (702) 896-7616.


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